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Information panels

This technology offers continuous information menu, which is presented especially in public areas of the hotel – at the reception, in lobby or meeting rooms, etc. Guests have comprehensible overview about organized conferences, seminars or meetings in individual meeting rooms and lounges.

There is usually bigger information panel positioned at the reception. This shows certain number of informations changing on several screens. Many informations can be shown on this screens – current exchange rates, weather forecast, hotel special offers, current meetings overview, etc.

In the front of meeting rooms there can be smaller screens situated. This are showing basic data about schedule in each meeting room (Co. name and logo, date, time of current meeting).

High definition LCD displays are used for information panels. This are connected with program installed in PC.

SW is simple graphic progam modified for its purposes. This program is very easy to install, sustain, use and edit and this all is possible also by non-technical hotel personal.